Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess and still is to this day, she was adored by people all over the world as she did things her own way despite it was against her royal duties. Diana was very wealthy, she was sent to boarding school as a child, although she didn’t do well in academic studies, she claimed it was a happy place for her. She later went on to becoming a nursery assistant. She met Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) in 1970 and later was married to him in 1981.

However, the royal family looked down upon her as she broke royal protocol many times. For example the black dress she is wearing in the photograph below, as the royal family are very conservative, this dress was not up to their standards as the length and showing of the torso is seen as provocative and inappropriate. She done things her own way, despite all these rules that the royals had in place. When Diana did a television interview, she answered touchy questions such as her mental health, her eating disorder, problems in her marriage etc. This was very looked down upon, as the royal family are urged to stay away from press but, Diana wanted to show she was humane, just because she was a royal didn’t mean that she can’t have problems with mental health or marriage.

Diana was extremely hands on Princess, in 1991 she went and visited HIV positive children. This picture shocked the world as it was a common belief that you could catch HIV or AIDS if you have any sort of touching contact, e.g. handshake, hug, high five etc. This picture showed the world the compassion Diana had for other people, as she believed everyone deserved to be loved. She didn’t get the title the people’s Princess by accident, its because of her compassion for others and the fact she was a president/ patron for over 100 different charities.

She is such an inspiration to me as despite it was looked down upon, she went against her royal duties to ensure that she used her platform to help others. I admire her compassion for others and I would love to make an impact to people’s lives like she did. Truly an amazing soul and she will forever be missed.



I love Too Faced as a brand, I love they’re fun twist on products and their ability to give a story to a makeup product. However, I would have to say their festival collection in my opinion is a massive fail. They are known for doing fun products, like they’re chocolate eyeshadow palettes and their peach collection. I just think the whole ideology of throwing unicorns on a packaging and a few random lipstick colours, doesn’t make it appreciate for a festival. It screams tacky and over done. In my opinion it’s pure laziness. Adding a rainbow as well to a packaging or actual makeup product doesn’t really show originality now does it? I think this line is a massive L.

The simplistic campaign is visually pleasing but, not very exciting. It just seems like no really much thought went into the festival idea, when they could have gone down so many different routes. In my eyes it looks like a children’s palette you get when you buy Lelly Kellys, or something you see in the children bit of the Argos catalogue when they want to play with crappy cheap makeup.

The thing is with the actual product, no one is going to wear rainbow coloured highlighter all year round, or in this case ever. It’s already been an Instagram hyped thing that died way back. Too faced need to up their game and their brand story of products because right now they are not killing the game.



This is by far one of my favourite campaigns I have seen, obviously lego is used by children and allows them to explore their imagination. With this campaign it demonstrates a child’s point of view by exploring the different ways one can view such a simplistic object. This thoroughly explores the imagination of the child’s mind, using something so simplistic can also be the most powerful. You don’t need a campaign full of none sense, as when it is over done it becomes some what messy. This campaign is proof that sometimes less is actually more.


Now as a child I had an obsession with art, I was always fond of going to museums and seeing the most beautiful paintings in the national art gallery. I was particularly excited when my dad took me to a Rembrandt and Turner exhibition. So the idea that LEGO has used art to explore a child’s imagination, is some what inspiring. The reason why I love this campaign is because it is encouraging children to use their imaginations and giving confidence to children that every artist starts somewhere.

IMAGINE – 2012

I think this LEGO campaign is very clever, although it took me some time to get because I don’t watch cartoons, the different ways LEGO has showed children to be creative is inspiring and extremely clever. As you can use LEGO to create a castle or your favourite cartoon characters. This is another example that less is best, the simplistic nature to this campaign is what makes it so bold.


So what is the 8th amendment? The 8th amendment is an act in Ireland that makes it illegal for women to have abortions, it has been put in place since 1983 as it is believed that an unborn child has rights and it obviously goes against the Catholic religion. Women from Ireland have had to risk travelling to the UK in order to go through with an abortion, as it is against the law in Ireland.


This law disgusts me for many reasons, not just because it undermines woman and clarifies that they are nothing but objects owned by their government but, for the risks that this law makes for women. If you are pregnant you do not have the right to give consent to or refuse treatment. If your a doctor you can’t act in your patients best interest, even if it could endanger the foetus or woman. If your a man, you risk losing your partner, she is not strong enough to carry the foetus but, yet she is forced to carry it anyway, resulting in the loss of a partner and bringing a child into a broken home with financial difficulties. Woman are forced to carry a foetus with fatal abnormalities, despite it may be in the best interest of the child to abort it, you are forced to carry this foetus knowing it will not have the best possible life.

The thing that stunned me the most is that if you are a victim of rape or incest, you are forced to carry the feotus and not legally allowed to terminate the pregnancy. If you do buy abortion medicine, it is seen as a criminal offence. Under Irish law a woman who seeks abortion after being raped can face a longer sentence than her rapist. SHE FACES UP TO 14 YEARS IN PRISON. This it to me is absolutely disgusting. After a man has raped a woman, she will be traumatised her whole life by that moment. It will affect her social interactions, her views on people and life. It can result in depression, anxiety or substance abuse. Yet after this mentally destroying act, the government of Ireland forces the woman to have the child of the rapists. I could not even imagine the pain and suffering those woman have been through. It’s mentally disturbing to think about let alone go through. And to get a longer sentence than the rapist? What a f**cking joke.

Women should be able to make their own choices, as a feminist I believe everyone should have the rights to their own bodies. I really hope Ireland repeals the 8th amendment because women, men and families deserve better than to be pressured into Irelands disgusting law.



So the profound question I think that runs through people’s minds with constant worry and anxiety, is the question everyone demands to know, why am I here? What is my life’s purpose? As much as we like to prove to our peers, family or co workers that we have our life planned out and everything is intact. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It often dawns on me, the same question every day. I think about it when I wake up, when I’m eating, when I’m getting ready. That is. What the fuck am I doing?

I’ve never been a religious person, I went to church twice for christmas eve just because I enjoyed the warmth and the energy of unity at christmas time. My parents were never ones who tried to force a religion down my throat as they don’t really have one either, despite both being brought up as Christians. However, I would say I am a very spiritual person, I believe in the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Astrology. I think each person has a significant purpose in life and our finger prints don’t fade from the lives that we touch. Everything happens for a reason.

As I have become more spiritual recently than I have ever done before, my good friend enlightened me about Angel Cards. These cards are guidance from the angels, you ask the cards a question, you pick three cards that you are drawn too, mostly by a breeze and they will answer your question. I mean since I have got these me and my friends have become obsessed with them, if you believe in it or not they are a way of getting clarity and finding a warmth in reassurance by a higher power. I know I probably sound bat shit crazy, but I can assure you I’m not. I mean maybe I am just a little bit. But I get it from my Mum.

Despite my belief in the Law of Attraction and that everything happens for a reason, I’ve always been mesmerised by the chances that someone could tell you everything, all about your life before you know what happens. I mean I went to an astrologer in India who alined my stars and he was pretty good but not amazing, he didn’t give me the detail I originally wanted but it was still pretty sick. He told me I would win off other people’s losses, so my instant thought was the lottery. The amount of times I’ve tried to convince my pals I was going to win it and I was spending a tenner on it each week, before it became more and more disheartening. He also told me that the poor would help me within my life, I mean I thought that was a bit strange. I didn’t see how it all added up. But then I went to a psychic who is also a medium and it all made sense.

So I went to see this lovely woman with my friend Clayton who is same person who got me into angel cards, we were both so excited because we are both very spiritual people and very open minded. We were so nervous before going into the woman’s house, but as soon as I stepped in the weight on my chest had been lifted, it was a warm and friendly energy that had counteracted the nervousness, I suddenly felt at ease. This woman had no clue of our names prior to booking the reading sessions, so there was no way she could of looked us up at all. Not going to lie I think I was more nervous at the fact she could say I have a bad energy following me and refuse to give me a reading, but thankfully that was not the case.

Firstly she brought out these stones, she told me to mix them up in this bag and pull 6 out without looking whilst having a question I wanted answering. Without telling her my question, she knew everything I was thinking in detail and told me the outcomes of my question. Then we got on to the real reading, she looked at me and smiled and told me all my characteristics and who I am as a person. I must say she was spot on, she also told me I was very intuitive and had the power to read people and understand things without them being explained. She also told me that she would be surprised that in years from now I would be able to develop my intuition and be able to do what she’s doing! Well if anyone wants a reading in 15 years time, you know who your gal is.

She then went on to describing my past and I’m not joking, when I tell you she knew everything, she knew EVERYTHING. The lady told me that in my studies in school I was the type of person who wouldn’t do much all year, but at the end I always banged it out and got good grades, which is completely accurate; lord only knows how I managed to get a B in English language. She told me that I haven’t had the conventional childhood and had to become independent at a young age, which is so accurate because I went to boarding when I was 13 until the end of sixth form. She further went on to saying how I’ve been backpacking and traveled to Africa, India and other parts of Asia, saying that I have done a lot of charity work and I care a lot about other people and trying to make a difference as insignificant as it may be. I was completely blown away. She then told me my mind runs all over the place that I want to be here, there and everywhere, she said that I was a wondering soul that could never be caged. She told me that all I want to do is explore and travel, which sounds about right. I have always believed I am not meant to have a conventional life, I am not meant to do a 9am-5pm job, having a normal life is my biggest fear. As I truly believe that travel is the greatest knowledge that anyone could possibly absorb, money comes and goes, but time runs out and travelling gives you memories of a lifetime. I don’t feel like it is a luxury, I feel like it’s a necessity.

The woman obviously knew a lot about my past in detail, she further went on to describe my future. Now this was the bit that had me shaking with excitement. She said she can see a lot of travel coming up in my career, that I am going to work with a world wide organisation doing humanitarian work/a field worker. The work is mainly in Africa and India and with the world wide organisation I’m going to do something along the lines of being a journalist or a reporter. When I heard this it completely blew my mind, because I know all I want to do in my life is travel, help people and be happy. She said I would proper go for this job opportunity when I am around 23. As much as I would love to be working ┬áin the fashion and beauty industry, this sounds like my cup of tea. She told me that the media and fashion industry isn’t really for me. One thing that did blow me away is the fact she said you have to do a lot of writing for your course, you have to write about stuff online. She further went onto saying, you enjoy writing about your travels a lot more than things about fashion. I WAS SHOOK.

Now onto my personal life, she was telling me about the past, present and current situation with my relationship. I must say, she was spot on and I nearly shat myself it was so accurate. She knew the exact thoughts that my partner was thinking and after my reading and I told him and he was SHOOK. During the reading she started laughing to herself and kept repeating ‘get over yourself’, she said this is something I always say to my partner. MY HEART DROPPED. This is when I knew she was legit, she had no way of possibly knowing this. She kept smiling and was saying how much she liked my partner and how he is a really good guy. She described our situation to the T. She knew his job, when his apprenticeship ended, what year he should be taking his business risk and so on. But all you need to know is that when I’m 24 that’s when we’re going to serious. Apparently together we’re going to be living the private jet life and be living in a mansion in Italy, which was weird to me as he’s Italian. She also told me I would have kids in my late 20’s and early 30’s and that I will not give my children a conventional childhood, that I will take them off to India with my to explore.


The experience was out of this world, me and Clayton left the lady’s house shaking and full of excitement. So what do I think about my overall psychic experience?