So what is EAT YOUR FEED about? This app looks at your Instagram posts, where you’ve been, people you interact with, experiences etc to decide what food your having and gives you recipes as well. On the 11th of April they opened up a pop up restaurant where customers would literally eat their feed.

So I took it upon myself to try out this app and I was pleasantly surprised with how it works! I connected it with my instagram and based on the countries I’ve travelled to, experiences etc, it based what food I should eat. Using this form of personalisation makes someone feel special, it creates experience. Personally I was quite pleasantly surprised with the outcome of what food it said I should try.

I think the personalisation trend is the future, customer experience and the service culture needs improving. By allowing personalisation to happen, it will make customers want to experience something new. If a person is told what they want, perhaps it will create the psychological effect that you do want it? Because you’ve been told based on your social media this is what you would order. I mean some people say it’s like star signs, we read our horoscope and psychological link in bits that we read to what’s going on with us, because we believe it is actually for us. I think this is such an amazing idea and I think it will be the future.



I was introduced to Angel Cards about 3 months ago, ever since I have been hooked. It all started when everything was seeming to go down hill, and I had hit rock bottom with everything. My friend invited me over, then asked if I wanted to do some Angel Cards, to ask the Angels any questions I needed answering. I thought it was slightly bizarre but, I’m always up for trying new things and being optimistic. I did the cards and to my surprise they answered all my questions, explaining to some degree my situation and the outcome of what will happen. It may sound stupid and too far fetch to some people but, they brought me comfort in my time of need and gave me a glimpse that everything happens for a reason and will all work out in due time. Some people think I’m slightly mad, which indeed they probably aren’t wrong, but these cards are so special in the sense they give you a form of comfort which everyone needs.

These are my very own Angel Cards after purchasing them. They are so beautiful and precious, that even if you aren’t interested in them its worth having a go. I am not joking when I tell you, that every person I am friends with has asked to have a go, thats including guys.

Got an exam and want to know how it goes? ASK THE CARDS

Not knowing if this guy your speaking to is secretly talking to someone else? ASK THE CARDS

Don’t know if you should buy that morphe eyeshadow palette? ASK THE CARDS



Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess and still is to this day, she was adored by people all over the world as she did things her own way despite it was against her royal duties. Diana was very wealthy, she was sent to boarding school as a child, although she didn’t do well in academic studies, she claimed it was a happy place for her. She later went on to becoming a nursery assistant. She met Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) in 1970 and later was married to him in 1981.

However, the royal family looked down upon her as she broke royal protocol many times. For example the black dress she is wearing in the photograph below, as the royal family are very conservative, this dress was not up to their standards as the length and showing of the torso is seen as provocative and inappropriate. She done things her own way, despite all these rules that the royals had in place. When Diana did a television interview, she answered touchy questions such as her mental health, her eating disorder, problems in her marriage etc. This was very looked down upon, as the royal family are urged to stay away from press but, Diana wanted to show she was humane, just because she was a royal didn’t mean that she can’t have problems with mental health or marriage.

Diana was extremely hands on Princess, in 1991 she went and visited HIV positive children. This picture shocked the world as it was a common belief that you could catch HIV or AIDS if you have any sort of touching contact, e.g. handshake, hug, high five etc. This picture showed the world the compassion Diana had for other people, as she believed everyone deserved to be loved. She didn’t get the title the people’s Princess by accident, its because of her compassion for others and the fact she was a president/ patron for over 100 different charities.

She is such an inspiration to me as despite it was looked down upon, she went against her royal duties to ensure that she used her platform to help others. I admire her compassion for others and I would love to make an impact to people’s lives like she did. Truly an amazing soul and she will forever be missed.



This is by far one of my favourite campaigns I have seen, obviously lego is used by children and allows them to explore their imagination. With this campaign it demonstrates a child’s point of view by exploring the different ways one can view such a simplistic object. This thoroughly explores the imagination of the child’s mind, using something so simplistic can also be the most powerful. You don’t need a campaign full of none sense, as when it is over done it becomes some what messy. This campaign is proof that sometimes less is actually more.


Now as a child I had an obsession with art, I was always fond of going to museums and seeing the most beautiful paintings in the national art gallery. I was particularly excited when my dad took me to a Rembrandt and Turner exhibition. So the idea that LEGO has used art to explore a child’s imagination, is some what inspiring. The reason why I love this campaign is because it is encouraging children to use their imaginations and giving confidence to children that every artist starts somewhere.

IMAGINE – 2012

I think this LEGO campaign is very clever, although it took me some time to get because I don’t watch cartoons, the different ways LEGO has showed children to be creative is inspiring and extremely clever. As you can use LEGO to create a castle or your favourite cartoon characters. This is another example that less is best, the simplistic nature to this campaign is what makes it so bold.


So what is the 8th amendment? The 8th amendment is an act in Ireland that makes it illegal for women to have abortions, it has been put in place since 1983 as it is believed that an unborn child has rights and it obviously goes against the Catholic religion. Women from Ireland have had to risk travelling to the UK in order to go through with an abortion, as it is against the law in Ireland.


This law disgusts me for many reasons, not just because it undermines woman and clarifies that they are nothing but objects owned by their government but, for the risks that this law makes for women. If you are pregnant you do not have the right to give consent to or refuse treatment. If your a doctor you can’t act in your patients best interest, even if it could endanger the foetus or woman. If your a man, you risk losing your partner, she is not strong enough to carry the foetus but, yet she is forced to carry it anyway, resulting in the loss of a partner and bringing a child into a broken home with financial difficulties. Woman are forced to carry a foetus with fatal abnormalities, despite it may be in the best interest of the child to abort it, you are forced to carry this foetus knowing it will not have the best possible life.

The thing that stunned me the most is that if you are a victim of rape or incest, you are forced to carry the feotus and not legally allowed to terminate the pregnancy. If you do buy abortion medicine, it is seen as a criminal offence. Under Irish law a woman who seeks abortion after being raped can face a longer sentence than her rapist. SHE FACES UP TO 14 YEARS IN PRISON. This it to me is absolutely disgusting. After a man has raped a woman, she will be traumatised her whole life by that moment. It will affect her social interactions, her views on people and life. It can result in depression, anxiety or substance abuse. Yet after this mentally destroying act, the government of Ireland forces the woman to have the child of the rapists. I could not even imagine the pain and suffering those woman have been through. It’s mentally disturbing to think about let alone go through. And to get a longer sentence than the rapist? What a f**cking joke.

Women should be able to make their own choices, as a feminist I believe everyone should have the rights to their own bodies. I really hope Ireland repeals the 8th amendment because women, men and families deserve better than to be pressured into Irelands disgusting law.