Victoria Secret x Balmain

Whilst in New York we decided it would be absurd if we didn’t make a cheeky trip to Victoria Secret, especially with the January sales still on. The store is always mesmerising, almost making you feel like your walking down a run way as a Victoria Secret model as soon as you walk in (obviously I didn’t look like one after my extreme case of christmas rolls still clinging onto my body). After we looked round for bargains and made some major purchases that made our bank balances cry, we decided to take a look at the Victoria Secret museum which was located on the top floor.


To my surprise we were greeted with the Victoria Secret x Balmain collection and I was blown away. I had only seen some parts of the collection which were more the things in which you could purchase from it but, when I saw the other garments I was taken by surprise. Victoria Secret is usually renowned for its sexy and angelic lingerie and clothing, with bright colours and a soft or sensual feel to them. However, the Balmain collection brought a completely new atmosphere to the brand, challenging its stereotype with the help of Balmain it brought punk and sexy together.

The designs were mesmerising from the embellishment, to the tartan patterns, the colour schemes, the accessories etc. Even the way in which everything was laid out in the museum was breath taking, as it ensured that you were not distracted by a certain garment.

The 1920’s Women Who Challenged Fashion

Flappers are of great importance to the evolution of the fashion industry, they pushed boundaries that were seen as unbreakable due to their ‘outrageous’ clothing and defying how women should act back in the 1920’s. ┬áThe first world war had brought some authority and liberation to women, as when the men went to war, they were vacated into jobs and industrial work. After the first world war, woman had gained more authority, and the partying and the jazz age had begun; a new generation had fundamentally been born. This generation had a care free attitude, this established in women drinking, smoking and talking to men even though it had been perceived as wrong for a woman to do so, these women were called ‘Flappers’.

Why were Flappers so iconic?

Flappers are seen as one of the biggest fashion icons throughout the fashion industry, they defied the norm and wore short embellished dresses, which had never really been done before. In the roaring twenties, flappers styled their hair short and bobbed, makeup was exaggerated to make them appear younger and accessories were added to give a more dramatic and extra look. Despite many viewed flappers as some what corruptive, they are ultimately fashion icons as they challenged the stereotype of how women should dress and act.