I found that in the perfume industry, brands exhaust celebrity endorsement. They drain it until they can almost drain it no more. The question I always think is why can’t brands just make an amazing campaign without having to rely on a celebrity to sell the product for them?


  • Makes the consumer want to be like the celebrity, so will buy the product
  • By putting a familiar face on the brand it helps represent the brand itself and what people they are targeting.
  • Helps build a platform by using a celeb as promotion
  • Builds trust
  • Makes people think the product is super star worthy
  • People will remember the ad



  • Celebs are still people – they could have an image change or make a mistake and it could ruin the brands campaign
  • Its over done
  • Celebs can over shadow the brand
  • It could damage consumer confidence by using a supermodel/ actress who’s been air brushed, and they are aspiring to be something they’ll never be
  • The story line is too cliche and becoming boring

My personal opinion is I don’t like celebrity endorsement, this is due to the fact it is so over done and I now view it as the brand being too lazy to come up with a mind blowing campaign thats interesting and incredible, but slapping a celeb over the campaign in the hopes it will sell. Personally, collaborations with artists or having complex stories that are interesting would be so much more unique and thats what the perfume industry needs. I think it’s wrong to use a celeb, air brush them to the extreme, because it will make the consumers want to aspire to be something they could never be because in all truth, even the celeb doesn’t look that good.



I was introduced to Angel Cards about 3 months ago, ever since I have been hooked. It all started when everything was seeming to go down hill, and I had hit rock bottom with everything. My friend invited me over, then asked if I wanted to do some Angel Cards, to ask the Angels any questions I needed answering. I thought it was slightly bizarre but, I’m always up for trying new things and being optimistic. I did the cards and to my surprise they answered all my questions, explaining to some degree my situation and the outcome of what will happen. It may sound stupid and too far fetch to some people but, they brought me comfort in my time of need and gave me a glimpse that everything happens for a reason and will all work out in due time. Some people think I’m slightly mad, which indeed they probably aren’t wrong, but these cards are so special in the sense they give you a form of comfort which everyone needs.

These are my very own Angel Cards after purchasing them. They are so beautiful and precious, that even if you aren’t interested in them its worth having a go. I am not joking when I tell you, that every person I am friends with has asked to have a go, thats including guys.

Got an exam and want to know how it goes? ASK THE CARDS

Not knowing if this guy your speaking to is secretly talking to someone else? ASK THE CARDS

Don’t know if you should buy that morphe eyeshadow palette? ASK THE CARDS



I took it upon myself to explore something in which I am extremely interested in, to see if spirituality has come onto the high street in any way, if it’s becoming a trend or if it’s still hidden away.┬áSpirituality is creeping into our high streets, in forms of clothing, jewellery, orniments, books etc. So here are some of my findings.


After finding my love for angel cards and coming in touch with my spirituality, I wanted to see how it has affected the high street. I looked in Topshop and saw that they had a line rack of jewellery dedicated to names on I have on my angel cards. Like the name High Preistess is a angel I have in my rack of cards. I loved those necklaces and trust me if I wasn’t a broke uni student I would have got them at a first glance.

I also went into Waterstone as this is where I purchased my beautiful angel cards, I’ve found out they’ve redesign their visual merchandising as they have moved all the angel cards and tarot cards to check out. I asked why they moved it and they said it’s because they are so popular now that they put them close to the check out because loads of people are tempted by the idea of trying them. I then asked the woman who worked there what age range normally purchase the angel cards, she told me all people of all ages purchase them.


I mean if you haven’t checked your horoscope or read into what star sign you are, you are 100% lying. The mystery behind astrology and how the alining of the planets can affect us, have clearly been trending. I went into Urban Outfitters and found a range of book on astrology.

I also looked at the jewellery and found some simplistic star earnings which could be inspired by the spirituality theme.

I looked at the jewellery section in Topshop and found star sign based necklaces, one for each star sign. Which evidently indicates people are interested in it, as it makes them feel like they are a part of something.

I also found these homeware pieces of a moon and a star, which could suggest that its not just having an influence in fashion but also homeware.


After the met gala theme, I was surprised that there wasn’t more religious things on the high street. The only thing I came across was cross earrings.



I remember seeing this collection whilst I was in Sixth form and it has left an ever lasting impression on me ever since I first saw it. This Versace collection inspired me as it was so empowering for women in my opinion, it showed woman in strong striking outfits. There was a military theme to this collection and it connected with me on a personal level, as my mum is a warrant officer in the RAF. To see women in strong military themed garments reminded me of my Mum and just how strong and empowering she truly is.

I was obsessed with the tailored military styled dresses, they were chic, bold but yet still so sophisticated. I was absolutely obsessed with this Versace SS16 collection. I wasn’t that much a fan of the camo or animal print, but the theme was close to home and touched me a lot. The messaged that this collection portrayed was liberating for women and I don’t think they tried to be little the military in anyway, they more so used elements of military uniforms and used it to help empower woman in a classy way.