TSPTR Brandzine

We were asked to conduct a Brandzine for TSPTR that would be directed to a young female audience. We wanted to surround our zine round Maraca, as we believe that she fits the unapologetic, self-assured, feminist who isn’t afraid of challenging social norms. We used cartoon imagery to represent Maraca’s experiences she has had regarding sexism, as she told us in the interview that she was offered a pinot grigo, whilst her male friend was offered a larger. We portrayed her experience in the form of a cartoon to convey a light hearted but also empowering tone. Maraca let us in and showed a sense of vulnerability by telling us her stories, we used her within our zine to help encourage other women, that despite telling your story might make you feel vulnerable, it is extremely empowering as a women to connect with other women who have had similar experiences. The message we wanted to capture within the zine is that we all have a voice and it is not insignificant. We used our own 35mm film images (the process of development) into our zine, to give it a gritty and raw mood. We used the colour palette of red, yellow and green to emphasise feminism isn’t all ‘pink, pussy and glitter’. We wanted to include a mini zine inside of the zine ‘zineception’, as a metaphor to show that there is always a hidden message behind the message you originally see, you just have to look deeper. The concept of our ‘zineception’ was the hidden meaning behind the children’s cartoons as it’s only when you look in depth is the real hidden meaning. The smaller zine inside of the zine is a poster in which the consumer can keep, we did this as it is more interactive and might make the consumer inclined to buy another zine.


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