Skinny Dip x Fashion Film

Skinny Dip Fashion Film Project

The breif in which we we’re given, was to create a minute fashion film video marketing our given product. We were given the film ‘Let The Right One In’ to base our fashion film off and given the word ‘nail care’ to advertise. We wanted to create a haunting fashion film, which is for a more soshiticated consumer that Skinny Dip don’t target sucessfully. The slogan for our film was ‘UNLEASH YOUR INNER MONSTER’. This film was to represent the daily battle most of us face in todays soicety, which is listening to the voices inside your head telling you ‘your not good enough’ and ‘no one will like you’, we stuck with this as our narrative as we noticed it in the film in which we were given. The concept for this was to kill the voices inside your head and unleash your inner monster. We made the lightening and tone of voice really dark as we believe that Skinny Dip fail to put across serious messages effectively. We wanted to produce a film that left you compelled or repulsed.


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