Rituel De Fille x Perfume Project

In this project we were asking to select a brand of choice and create a perfume for them, in which I chose the makeup brand Rituel De Fille. I used this oppurtinity to collabrate makeup and perfume by creating the concept of mixing a perfumed and coloured body oil that would high be used as a body highlighter and perfume. The story behind the perfumed body oil was the concept of basing each different colour of body oil off different assiociations with Angel Cards. I carefully selected the cards which would represent a different coloured body oil for every skin type. I wanted to further develop one of Rituel De Fille’s best products, their highlighter, and use it to the advantage of the brand by creating an uncovential perfume story which matched the brands idenitiy and steered away from the cliche’s.


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