& Other Stories x Visual Merchandising

Within this project we were given a brief to create a visual merchandising for & Other Stories, whilst taking ASMR into careful consideration. The final concept in which we chose was using animal print, we did this as it was & Other Stories current trend during this time and we wanted to elaborate on it further. We created the visuals merchandising on the shop window, the website and a mobile version using photoshop. After thorougly researching the pyschology behind ASMR, we came to the decision that sounds of rain drops and brushes againt leaves would be apprioate. We did this because these noises are peaceful and we wanted to ensure our consumers had a stress free shopping experience, which would fundmentally suggest if it is a peaceful and enjoyable expeirence, the consumer may be more likely to stay in store longer which may lead to more purchases as they wont be feeling over whelmed.  


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