Elsie & Fred: Meet Australia

We collaborated with Elsie & Fred in order to help them understand the Australian market and consumer, for this project we helped them research what Australians expected from brands and how to connect with them effectively through our outcomes. Elise & Fred’s USP is their ‘family’ due to the fact it is run by siblings however, we noticed that they did not push this enough within their branding. For our outcomes we wanted to push the concept of ‘global family’ and the Australian market wants to feel more connected to brands. We created this Elsie & Fred brand and consumer family by interactive social media posts during lockdown, an Elsie & Fred podcast with the sibling owners and riot girls on topics to empower the consumer and an intimate event that showcased their family home but with twists of the Elsie & Fred branding. This therefore pushed the idea of being the most authentic and genuine self, showing Elsie & Fred consumers they can be empowered in different ways than just their clothes.


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