I remember seeing this collection whilst I was in Sixth form and it has left an ever lasting impression on me ever since I first saw it. This Versace collection inspired me as it was so empowering for women in my opinion, it showed woman in strong striking outfits. There was a military theme to this collection and it connected with me on a personal level, as my mum is a warrant officer in the RAF. To see women in strong military themed garments reminded me of my Mum and just how strong and empowering she truly is.

I was obsessed with the tailored military styled dresses, they were chic, bold but yet still so sophisticated. I was absolutely obsessed with this Versace SS16 collection. I wasn’t that much a fan of the camo or animal print, but the theme was close to home and touched me a lot. The messaged that this collection portrayed was liberating for women and I don’t think they tried to be little the military in anyway, they more so used elements of military uniforms and used it to help empower woman in a classy way.


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