Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess and still is to this day, she was adored by people all over the world as she did things her own way despite it was against her royal duties. Diana was very wealthy, she was sent to boarding school as a child, although she didn’t do well in academic studies, she claimed it was a happy place for her. She later went on to becoming a nursery assistant. She met Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) in 1970 and later was married to him in 1981.

However, the royal family looked down upon her as she broke royal protocol many times. For example the black dress she is wearing in the photograph below, as the royal family are very conservative, this dress was not up to their standards as the length and showing of the torso is seen as provocative and inappropriate. She done things her own way, despite all these rules that the royals had in place. When Diana did a television interview, she answered touchy questions such as her mental health, her eating disorder, problems in her marriage etc. This was very looked down upon, as the royal family are urged to stay away from press but, Diana wanted to show she was humane, just because she was a royal didn’t mean that she can’t have problems with mental health or marriage.

Diana was extremely hands on Princess, in 1991 she went and visited HIV positive children. This picture shocked the world as it was a common belief that you could catch HIV or AIDS if you have any sort of touching contact, e.g. handshake, hug, high five etc. This picture showed the world the compassion Diana had for other people, as she believed everyone deserved to be loved. She didn’t get the title the people’s Princess by accident, its because of her compassion for others and the fact she was a president/ patron for over 100 different charities.

She is such an inspiration to me as despite it was looked down upon, she went against her royal duties to ensure that she used her platform to help others. I admire her compassion for others and I would love to make an impact to people’s lives like she did. Truly an amazing soul and she will forever be missed.


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