So what is EAT YOUR FEED about? This app looks at your Instagram posts, where you’ve been, people you interact with, experiences etc to decide what food your having and gives you recipes as well. On the 11th of April they opened up a pop up restaurant where customers would literally eat their feed.

So I took it upon myself to try out this app and I was pleasantly surprised with how it works! I connected it with my instagram and based on the countries I’ve travelled to, experiences etc, it based what food I should eat. Using this form of personalisation makes someone feel special, it creates experience. Personally I was quite pleasantly surprised with the outcome of what food it said I should try.

I think the personalisation trend is the future, customer experience and the service culture needs improving. By allowing personalisation to happen, it will make customers want to experience something new. If a person is told what they want, perhaps it will create the psychological effect that you do want it? Because you’ve been told based on your social media this is what you would order. I mean some people say it’s like star signs, we read our horoscope and psychological link in bits that we read to what’s going on with us, because we believe it is actually for us. I think this is such an amazing idea and I think it will be the future.


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