I was some what clueless to the perfume industry before we were introduced to it on my course, I never really took very much notice on the advertisement or the perfume campaigns. After researching numerous brands its clear to see that the perfume industry is WAY behind the fashion industry. The perfume industry is full of the typical cliches; the love story, lust, purity, the rebel etc. You would think at this day and age major brands like Gucci, would put in more thought to the campaigns and the perfumes.

Despite the Gucci Bloom campaign being aesthetically pleasing, its so boring and so cliche. Flowers and femininity are so over done, that its becoming boring. The campaign featured three beautiful women, one of which was a celebrity, therefore there was celebrity endorsement, surrounded by flowers and nature. There was not really an exciting story behind it, which is extremely disappointing in my opinion.

The perfume industry is so far behind and you wouldn’t expect it. Brands now need to think outside of the box and go beyond the cliches.


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