Recently looking like a golden goddess has become such a huge trend and I mean everyone wants to look heavenly and glowy on their holidays. Who doesn’t? Having that perfect golden glow to your skin exentuates every definition and makes you appear so healthy. Especially when the sun light hits your body and you are this shimmering glowing angel. I am guilty of using body glow almost every day, even if its just to pop to Tesco for a cheeky meal deal. Yes I really am that extra. As I’ve been using body glow for years and testing them out before they really became a trend, I would say I’m rather an expert on judging them.

My all time favourite body glow and face glow is the Iconic Illuminator drops, in my opinion nothing can top this one. This illuminator isn’t one of them ones that consist of chunky glitter, its a glowy sheen look. It comes in a range of 4 different colours which then is suitable for all different skin tones, the one in which I use is shade ‘Original’ which is the more gold shade, as this I feel makes my skin pop the most when a fake tan (so thats all the time really). It gives a natural but sheen finish which ultimately gives the appearance like you have a glow from within, and they are blinding. Depending on how blinding you want to be, you can build them up to your own preference, but also tone them down by using moisturiser to apply to the body.

 The next favourite is the ICONIC London body and face prep-set and glow mist which retails for £18.50. This is such a quick and easy way to get the beautiful summer glow you want, without it being all chunky and glittery. The best thing about these it that they are easy to apply, you can build them up, they give a beautiful natural sheen and they come in different colours depending on your skin tone! As much as I do love this product, I prefer the ICONIC London illuminator drops, purely because they give more or a sheen due to the fact its liquid and you can build it up more.

 Next up is a completely miss, the Fenty Lava Body glow. Despite the fact I think Rhianna looks beautiful in the campaign, the product does not replicate the glow she had on her body in the campaign. Do not bother wasting your money on something that your only paying for the name. I mean £46 bloody quid for a body glow that isn’t a sheen glow, that isn’t glitter but makes you look sweaty? Not worth it in my opinion, especially as it doesn’t set and can basically ruin your clothes. I just think you can buy better body glows than the Rhianna Fenty Laval glow, I think its completely over priced and you are literally paying for the name and the packaging when there are far better on the market! I mean in my opinion I can’t really believe the cheek of Rhianna’s pricing, unless the glow is out of this world I find it comical to charge that much. So save the p’s girls and boys, hopefully this will help ya save up some cash to splash on them cute shoes you always wanted. Because this body glow ain’t the one.

Up next is the golden goddess body shimmer by Cocoa Brown, I mean this one does give a golden goddess glow to your skin but, its just an oil with glitter. I first saw it on the influencer Sarah Ashcroft on instagram and the glow on her body looked insane! I must say, this isn’t a day to day body glow because it is so extra. It’s more for a night time, going out glow. I say that but I’ve worn it to Tesco before. Opps. See I do love this product, but because it gives such a glittery golden tone to the skin, it makes the face look extremely pale and matte, which is not a vibe.


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