The Met Gala this year completely blew me away, first of all I was absolutely in love with the theme ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’. When I saw this was the theme, I couldn’t wait to see all the enchanting and intricate looks both celebs and designers would come up with. Personally this is my favourite theme out of all of the Met Gala’s as the possibilities are endless and each designer and celeb had the power to create a historical and religious statement through their garments.

One of my top favourite looks for this years Met Gala is Zendaya’s take on Joan of Arc, everything about this clever twist of one of the most famous saints, who symbolises unity and nationalism in France is everything. Ive always had a love for history, so I was over the moon when Zendaya took inspiration from a historical saint who influenced others. This look is so powerful and yet so youthful, I love everything down to the short hair and bangs, to the intricate detailing on the armour but still making her look sexy and youthful. The train of her dress and over sized sleeve balances the dress out by emphasising the elegance.

I was competelty obsessed with Stella Maxwell’s Moschino dress, she Channelled Renaissance Rapunzel. The detailing, embroidery and beading make this dress stand out, capturing the catholic theme to the T. This is by far one of my favourite looks as she kills it with her long Rapunzel hair and her bold turquoise eyeshadow to make the eyes pop.

 This is another one of my favourite looks from the Met Gala this year, she literally looks like she  stepped out of a painting. This dress is everything. EVERYTHING. It captures not only the theme, but religious art and architecture. The dress was inspired by Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement which is found in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City of Italy. The purity of this vera wang dress is heavenly and screams elegance. However, as much as I adore this dress, I was some what disappointed with the hair piece and the plainness of the makeup. I just wish the hair and makeup looks were experimented with more as the hair piece takes away attention from the incredible dress.

The Dolce & Gabbana garment inspired by the nativity was definitely capturing the theme of ‘Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’, the dress is rather breath taking as the detailing and the boldness of the gold gives a richness to the look. The main focus of the entire look is mainly the head piece, which consists of a nativity inside. Personally, I love the dress however, the head piece in my opinion is slightly comical. I don’t necessarly think the garment and the head piece compliment each other. I can see where the designers were coming from but, personally I didn’t think it worked together.

Some people loved the new parents simplicity and youthful approach to the theme however, I was so disappointed in the plainness of the Alexandra Wang garment. The only part of this look that remotely interests me is Kylie’s shades, the whole look is so boring in my opinion. The slick back bun? The plain black dress that shows off her curves? boring. boring. boring. I mean Kylie’s look from 2017 Met Gala was unreal, she could have done the absolute most and got away with it. This look is disappointing to say the least.



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