So what is EAT YOUR FEED about? This app looks at your Instagram posts, where you’ve been, people you interact with, experiences etc to decide what food your having and gives you recipes as well. On the 11th of April they opened up a pop up restaurant where customers would literally eat their feed.

So I took it upon myself to try out this app and I was pleasantly surprised with how it works! I connected it with my instagram and based on the countries I’ve travelled to, experiences etc, it based what food I should eat. Using this form of personalisation makes someone feel special, it creates experience. Personally I was quite pleasantly surprised with the outcome of what food it said I should try.

I think the personalisation trend is the future, customer experience and the service culture needs improving. By allowing personalisation to happen, it will make customers want to experience something new. If a person is told what they want, perhaps it will create the psychological effect that you do want it? Because you’ve been told based on your social media this is what you would order. I mean some people say it’s like star signs, we read our horoscope and psychological link in bits that we read to what’s going on with us, because we believe it is actually for us. I think this is such an amazing idea and I think it will be the future.


I was some what clueless to the perfume industry before we were introduced to it on my course, I never really took very much notice on the advertisement or the perfume campaigns. After researching numerous brands its clear to see that the perfume industry is WAY behind the fashion industry. The perfume industry is full of the typical cliches; the love story, lust, purity, the rebel etc. You would think at this day and age major brands like Gucci, would put in more thought to the campaigns and the perfumes.

Despite the Gucci Bloom campaign being aesthetically pleasing, its so boring and so cliche. Flowers and femininity are so over done, that its becoming boring. The campaign featured three beautiful women, one of which was a celebrity, therefore there was celebrity endorsement, surrounded by flowers and nature. There was not really an exciting story behind it, which is extremely disappointing in my opinion.

The perfume industry is so far behind and you wouldn’t expect it. Brands now need to think outside of the box and go beyond the cliches.


Since my recent move to Lincoln I was buzzing at the fact our course was going to London (my home town) to do some research for our perfumes. Knowing the ins and out of London we went everywhere but, I had never come across this one shop before. The shop name was called Glassworks, the clothes were high end luxury, they were literally to die for. I am such a sucker when it comes to fur coats at winter, and they had the most beautiful purple fur jacket that I still think of till this day. I’m not even joking.

I was asking the workers what was their instagram or if they had a website that I could buy the jacket from but, they didn’t have any social media or website. As each item of clothing is one off, as they said they wanted to create the feeling of being unique and exclusive. Gutted was an understatement. I literally called up my mum 20 times explaining how much this fur jacket would complete my life. Little does she know, this one jacket I didn’t purchase is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

As daft as it sounds and even though I am so gutted I didn’t get the jacket, the thought of nobody else having the same clothing item as me wants me to go back there, as it is so exclusive. There are only 3 Glasswork shops in London. None of my friends had shopped there before, so I feel like I have found a hidden gem. No one copying your style as you have the only one.

Well I must say exclusiveness in a brand 100% works for me, it makes me want it more. Least to say on my next trip to London I’m raiding the whole shop.





I found that in the perfume industry, brands exhaust celebrity endorsement. They drain it until they can almost drain it no more. The question I always think is why can’t brands just make an amazing campaign without having to rely on a celebrity to sell the product for them?


  • Makes the consumer want to be like the celebrity, so will buy the product
  • By putting a familiar face on the brand it helps represent the brand itself and what people they are targeting.
  • Helps build a platform by using a celeb as promotion
  • Builds trust
  • Makes people think the product is super star worthy
  • People will remember the ad



  • Celebs are still people – they could have an image change or make a mistake and it could ruin the brands campaign
  • Its over done
  • Celebs can over shadow the brand
  • It could damage consumer confidence by using a supermodel/ actress who’s been air brushed, and they are aspiring to be something they’ll never be
  • The story line is too cliche and becoming boring

My personal opinion is I don’t like celebrity endorsement, this is due to the fact it is so over done and I now view it as the brand being too lazy to come up with a mind blowing campaign thats interesting and incredible, but slapping a celeb over the campaign in the hopes it will sell. Personally, collaborations with artists or having complex stories that are interesting would be so much more unique and thats what the perfume industry needs. I think it’s wrong to use a celeb, air brush them to the extreme, because it will make the consumers want to aspire to be something they could never be because in all truth, even the celeb doesn’t look that good.