Alice In Wonderland Photoshoot

Me and my group had to come up with an idea to match 5 words that we had chosen, our 5 words were poetic, dream-like, theatrical, surreal and vintage. We were also given the prop of shoes in which we had to cooperate within our shoot. With these 5 words and the prop we had to come up with a photo shoot idea, despite our many fantasy like ideas many of them were unrealistic for the time we had been given and our level of photoshop skills. We ended up choosing the idea of an Alice in Wonderland theme. We took inspiration from the director Tim Burton’s twist on his Alice In Wonderland film, as he made it very theatrical and dark like majority of his films. We also took inspiration from Tim Walker’s photography, as his photography is fairy tale like and somewhat quite dark.

We tried to incorporate the words we came up with to our photoshoot. For theatrical, we did the makeup of the model by using over the top eyeliner and eyeshadow. For vintage, we used our photoshop skills to make the images seem old and dark, almost vintage like to give the same feel as Tim Walker’s photography. For surreal, although it is a fairy tale theme, we wanted our model to keep her piercings and jewellery in to give a morden day approach to the story. For the word poetic, we done the shoot in the woods to create a soft atmosphere and we used minimalistic floaty clothes. For dream-like, we of course had the story of Alice in Wonderland and we also had the idea of a shoe wonderland to include our prop that we were given. We purposely used holographic shoes on the model, as they reflect different colours to almost give a dream like feel to them.

Overall, we were happy with the way our shoot turned out considering the amount of time we had to do it in. It was very enjoyable being able to determine what ideas were realistic and what one weren’t, that is the key thing in which I have learnt from this little project.


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