Obviously at this day and age social media is an ever growing concept, there is no end or limitations to what is the next new thing. I mean I use snapchat, twitter and Instagram constantly, which is where I’m updated on new trends, new adverts or new controversial stories. Social media is now part of almost everyone’s daily routine. I check social media even before I reply to my texts to see what is going on.


Taking a step back from it all, you begin to come to the realisation of just how important social media actually is, it’s the majority of brands and company’s vehicles in delivering a message to the public. Which is why whatever media they use to promote or give information to the public, they have to be extremely cautious and aware of each word and every single detail in which they put on social media. As one single word with a bad connation or if it is suggesting an offensive message, can turn a popular campaign to a controversial one with extreme backlash. When you think about it, you yourself has to be careful of the way in which you word things when talking to someone. You have to think about what you say before you say it. It’s no different from what you yourself puts on social media, as you have to be careful what you say on it for multiple different reasons, like jobs etc. So it’s no different for brands, it would essentially affect them even more.

The power of communication has such a great importance on everyone lives. In my opinion, one of the quotes I live by and I one hundred percent agree with is that ‘the quality of your life is directly related to your quality of communication’. So when brands are delivering a particular message to the public, it is essential that they are communicating exactly what they want us to know.

So it often puzzles me, why such big brands make such huge flaws within their advertisements or posts on social media, when anyone with common sense would know there would be backlash? For example, the controversial 30 second advert made by Dove, advertising body wash, showing a black women taking off her top and turning into a white woman.


Surely the huge teams that work on these things would have noticed that the advert could have been considered that the advert could have suggested a racist tone? It baffles me to think that Dove didn’t considered the backlash it could have got before releasing the advert. Dove got an extreme amount of backlash about the advert through social media, and once it’s out, it’s out there forever. I would have never of known about it if it wasn’t for social media as that’s where it essentially all kicked off, and it’s not surprising.

This is why I believe that the power of communication is so essential, as each word has different suggestions behind it, so does each action. So in order to achieve the best reaction from others whether it’s a brand reaching to the public, how you present yourself on social media or how you address others, it’s all dependent of your quality of communication.


Whilst we did our Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot, we were inspired by Tim Burtons films and his version of Alice in Wonderland. The director Tim Burton has always made such creepy and dark films that are so intriguing to watch. For example his take on the concept on Alice in Wonderland, was made so theatrical and dark that we wanted to take inspiration and idea’s from it. The one thing we made significant that what we wanted to take away from his version of Alice in Wonderland, was the makeup. As the use of the makeup within the film, manipulated the faces and made them so bold, that the makeup itself was so interesting. As you could tell by the theatrical makeup on the characters faces exactly what role or character they played. I love Tim Burtons films, as he could turn something so innocent like the idea of Alice in Wonderland and make something so dark and theatrical.


When my friends ask me to do their makeup, I take full advantage of being able to practice and paint such pretty faces. I mean I’ve got over 20 eyeshadow pallets, and I’m not going to be able to hit pan on any of them if I’m just using them on myself! But they know when they ask me to do their makeup, they’re not receiving no natural crap. They’re getting. FULL. BEAT. GLAM. Not about the simplistic life. It’s all about glitter, lashes and looking FAB. Especially as my girl was going for a date night. I wanted her to blind her date with her highlighter. Now that’s a vibee.

As she had this amazing crazy coloured lilac hair, I wanted her to look like more of a pixie, so I wanted to create a glittery pink eye that would not only compliment her hair, but her beaut blue eyes. So for her eyes I used a Makeup Geek shadow (chickadee) for transition, then used a combination of eyeshadows in her crease to build up the colour, Makeup Geek (mango tango), Juvias Palace Masquerade palette (Bori, Zobo) and used Makeup Geek (Bitten, Cherry cola), for the outer corners to give more depth. I also did the same for underneath the eyes. For the glitter cut crease I used Stila liquid eyeshadow in Enchantress. This essentially gave the pink fairy look that she and I both wanted to achieve.

For the face I used my Nivea men post shave balm for the primer, as it gives a sticky base which is what we want in order for the makeup to stay on all night. Next I used the hourglass foundation stick, as this foundation is full coverage and achieves a flawless looking finish. I then used the benefit brightening concealer to ensure there were no dark bags visible under the eyes, then used the Nars matte concealer on top. I used a damp beauty blender to bake under her eyes, chin and forehead with the translucent Airspun powder. Before I set the rest of her face with powder, I used a damp beauty blender to highlight her check bones, tip of her nose and cupids bow with the iconic highlighter drops in shade original. I then set the rest of her face with powder, ensuring I didn’t set the places with highlighter already on. I bronzed her forehead, cheeks and jaw with Mac bronzer in Give me sun. I then contoured the same places I bronzed with the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette, in order to give her a sculpted look. I also used the palette to contour the sides and tip of her nose in order to make the nose appear smaller and more button like. Next, I used Becca highlighter in shade Opal on the same places I highlighter before, as well as inner corner of the eyes and on the brow bone to give a bolder and awake look to the eyes. I also added more highlight to ensure that my girl would be blinding everyone that night, so I added some of Makeup Forever’s Star Lit powder in shade 13, to give an extra pop to her face. After that, I used Tarte’s blush in shade glisten, as the pinkish blush had reflexes of gold which complimented the glittery eye look and her hair. Then, I used a gorgeous nude lipstick that suits all skin tones from Ofra cosmetics in shade Bel air. To double ensure that the make lasted all night, I used Urban Decay setting spray.

I was extremely pleased how it turned out and it complimented her so well, this is one of my favorite looks that I’ve created and I mean she looks fab in my opinion. The pixie look is an actual vibe!!


I mean its all good calling someone an influencer because they have thousands of followers, but the question is who actually influences me? Having a high social media platform can be used to help affect and influence hundreds of thousands of people, but how many of them actually touch us?


I have a few that spring to mind, one of the first influencers I started to follow was Sarah Ashcroft and still to this day she inspires me. I find it bizarre how she made a blog and took pictures of outfits she put together, both on Instagram and her online blog and has now managed to achieve such great things. She has produced many fashion lines with In The Style, she does blogging and Youtube for a living and gets to part take in photoshoots and clothing ranges all over the world. I mean coming from just doing your own blog and Instagram ‘outfit of the day’, to collaborating with online brands is rather mind blowing. Another influencer that has influenced me is Shani Grimmond, she came from sitting in her room making Youtube tutorials and not thinking they would go far, to becoming a Youtube sensation. She now works with makeup brands and has had collaborations with fashion brands such as White Fox Boutique. The reason why these influencers do actually influence me, is because they have shown that once you put your mind to your dream, you can come from nothing to something as long as you have the dedication.


Ever since watching home alone 2, I had always wanted to go to central park, especially to see if there was actually a crazy pigeon lady hiding there also. On our first day we were all absolutely buzzing, despite the fact it was hard to keep our eyes open as we were so tired from the flights, the thought of the bright lights and the big city kept our energy and spirits high.

We decided our first day should be dedicated to a day at central park and getting some sick pics for the gram and the course. Of course, luck was on our side, and as it was snowing previously we thought it would be wrong of us not to go ice skating in a snow central park. Even thought I can’t ice skate for my life. Although my arm was hurting from ice skating, not because of falling over but, from clinging to the side of the ice rink so much, it was such an amazing experience. I mean, it felt rather like we were in a movie. We then thought of course being fashion students, it would be wrong not to take photos of each other dressed in huge fur coats with knee high boots of each other in central park, in the snow against all the beautiful buildings. We ended up getting a mini free photo shoot as a group, all we asked was for this random person to take a photo and he ended up directing us what to do and how to pose. I mean if it’s free I wasn’t going to complain!

After that being infatuated by the city we wanted to just look around and get our where abouts as to where everything was, but obviously being makeup obsessed Sephora magically had dragged me into their store and forced me to buy all this makeup which secretly I definitely needed but my bank account did not. Our first day was absolutely incredible.